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I need the pid for a process given its owner and its command. I can filter a process per user with "ps -u xxx" and its command by "ps -C yyy", but when I try "ps -u xxx -C yyy", they are combined using OR logic. I need AND logic. How can I accomplish this?

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Use pgrep?

pgrep -U xxx yyy

it returns just the pid (or pids, if more than one process matches).

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Use grep?

ps -u xxx | grep yyy | grep -v grep
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You use comm to find PIDs common to both conditions:

ps -u xxx | sort > /tmp/ps-uxxx
ps -C yyy | sort > /tmp/ps-Cyyy
comm -1 -2 /tmp/ps-uxxx /tmp/ps-Cyyy

Using bash, you can use process substitution to avoid the need for temporary files:

comm -1 -2 <(ps -u xxx | sort) <(ps -C yyy | sort)
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