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I have a legacy application that I am now replacing with .Net.

Requests to that legacy application look like this: h ttp://

I would like to set the iis in a way that will automatically redirect them to the following url: h ttp://

Note that it's important for me to keep the url parameters.

Also note, that I don't care if it's redirect to the client - or if I can just tell the iis to redirect the request itself.

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I would suggest you are managing the redirection on the server not on the clients. (Different Browsers and the like will make this a pretty error-prone job)

Adressing the problem like I would do it with apache I'll think of some URL Rewriting. ISAPI_Rewrite ( might be what you are looking for.

An example (untested):

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^/scripts/mgrispi.dll(.+)$$1 [NC]
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