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we are running a virtual server with Windows Server Datacenter (32 bit) and I cannot install AppFabric on it. When I run the executable downloaded from I get the following error:

"Either the version of this package is not compatible with the version of windows you are running or this package is corrupt"

I am certain that our Windows Server Datacenter is backing on to Windows Server 2008 and I have installed SP2 with no problems. Therefore, our server should be compatible as Windows Server 2008 SP2 is listed on the requirements above.

Has anybody else got it working with Datacenter?


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Per the Additional Details section on the link you provided, make sure that you use the 6.0 version of AppFabric since you're running Windows Server 2008.

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I was also running into this error when attempting to install on Windows 2008 SP2. In addition to making sure you've downloaded the correct installer for your OS (6.0 for 2008/6.1 for 2008R2) ensure you have all prerequisite software installed per this link. In my case, I was missing the IIS Web Deployment Tool.

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