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I have to replace someones phone on a Mitel 3300 and we just took over this system so a bit new to us.

do I just change the mac address in the users account info or is it more complicated then that?


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Thanks everyone, Wish I would of seen Steve's note first :), I ended up replacing the mac address after having to do a few things in multi-line set key assignment then I was able to just change the Mac on the user account info. – Luma Jan 23 '11 at 0:08
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Check the help on feature access codes. One of the codes is a Set Replacement code. I think you can plug in the new set and enter the replacement code followed by the extension of that device to have it switched automatically.

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What Steve said. Or, as you say, you can replace the MAC Address in the user's details. Make sure to also update what model of phone it is, if different.

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Some of the discussion underneath How to remove static IP from Mitel 5312 and enable DHCP might help, depending exactly how your controller/users/phones are configured -- from memory, just editing the MAC should be enough, assuming it's the same model handset!

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