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I a using debian, and I have a custom apache.conf, so I was wondering how can I upgrade my phpmyadmin to 3.3.8 from 2.11 easily without overwriting my settings.

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You can upgrade apache in Debian with apt-get upgrade or just installing a newer Debian package with dpkg -i (though this will need to be from the same version of Debian unless you want to replace all Apache's dependents as well).

If Debian sees a modified configuration file where it would normally put a file from a package it will keep the modified file, see:

Upgrading PHPMyAdmin is a slightly different issue as the latest packaged Debian version is version 2.11, I'd suggest the best way to do it would be to grab the source package from and install it seperately, then move your settings by looking at the files in /etc/phpmyadmin (Debian PHPMyAdmin 2.11 conf file store) to the new version.

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