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I want to know if oracle style object oriented programming is possible in postgresql 8.4. I have installed orafce. When I tried to create a object like so:

CREATE TYPE addr_obj_typ AS OBJECT (
    street          VARCHAR2(30),
    city            VARCHAR2(20),
    state           CHAR(2),
    zip             NUMBER(5));

And I got this error:

ERROR:  syntax error at or near "object"
LINE 1: create type addr_obj_typ as object
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Something like this?

    INT CHECK(VALUE < 99999)

CREATE TYPE addr_obj_typ AS  (
    street  VARCHAR(30),
    city    VARCHAR(20),
    state   CHAR(2),
    zip     zipcode

    CAST(('a','b','c','90210') AS addr_obj_typ);
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