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Following the steps in the Windows Deployment Services getting started guide to create bootable media. After running Copype.cmd ia64 c:\winpe there is no equivalent of in the c:\winpe\iso\boot\ folder.

So as per I use efisys.bin.

I've then burnt the ISO to DVD using infrarecorder, but the target box (HP Z600/Intel Xeon) insists on attempting to boot that it is a non-system disc.

Any hints or tips appreciated.

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I don't understand. You say the target box is a Xeon? So where does the IA64 come in? – Andrew J. Brehm Sep 10 '11 at 12:13
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As a workaround I've used an MDT PE boot disk for x86. According to someon with more experience of WinPE creating a PE boot disk can be "problematic". Once you've got one that works, keep hold of it.

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