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I would like to be able to temporarily disable all access to an Oracle database, except my own, to be able to perform maintenance actions without interruptions. Simplest way?

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Check out this link:

How to switch Oracle in Single User-Multi Session Mode

During a migration it may be important, that nobody can connect to the database. You may have two possibilities to achieve this

On Table Level using LOCK TABLE

On Database Level using RESTRICTED SESSION

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This is known as quiescing the database, there are number of options depending on how you want to deal with users who are presently connected. My favourite technique when I'm in a tight change window is STARTUP FORCE RESTRICT.

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See Quiescing a Database


    puts the Database in quiesce mode

    puts the database back in normal operation

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Additionally, a more basic solution would be to shutdown the listener.

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This will only work if you have no access from the database server itself. These connections bypass the listener. – Robert Merkwürdigeliebe Nov 23 '10 at 8:16

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