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I registered a domain name with and I am hosting a website in Amazon EC2 with Elastic IP

Right now I am forwarding the request to to ip (browser returns 301)

I want to skip the forwarding part entirely, meaning I want the request to to hit immediately.

Does this mean I have to setup a DNS (bind9) which has the record that maps <-> ?

Or is there easier ways to do this (in Ubuntu)?

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Yes -- This is the canonical use of DNS. At your DNS provider, create an A record that maps to e.g.: 43200 IN A

Unless you are running the authoritative nameserver for your domain, this will be managed through a control panel of some sort, otherwise, you will configure BIND yourself (outside the scope of this answer).

Alternatively, you can use the /etc/hosts file on your machine for a temporary fix (while DNS is changed and propagated, as your local DNS server has likely already cached this record).

# /etc/hosts another-alias

and so on and so forth.

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right, there is a control panel where I can specifiy things. – user32425 Nov 5 '10 at 19:06

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