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For "" we send transactional mail from the main server and have a second server to handle bulk mail, lets call it "". The servers are interconected by a back-to-back connection so the network traffic between servers are not billed by the ISP. The back-to-back interfaces are and Is there some way in cPanel to whitelist so would not perform any checks for this host?

The bounces are handled by a catch-all account on the main server, but mail from is being rejected.

I tracked the problem to the following router:

    condition = ${if match{$sender_helo_name}{$primary_hostname}}
    message   = "REJECTED - Bad HELO - Host impersonating [$sender_helo_name]"

How do I make changes to this router permanent (I hate cpanel but my boss loves it)?

I lost my changes every time cPanel updates.

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To do this you need to edit your Exim Config

You can find the Exim Configuration Editor in the Service Configuration section of WHM. To begin, navigate to the configuration editor

From here you may choose to add certain ip addresses (or ranges) to the various access lists:

  • Whitelist: Backup Mail Hosts (bypass all SMTP ratelimits)
  • Whitelist: Auto white list known mobile device providers
  • Whitelist: Bypass SMTP time sender verifcation checks
  • Whitelist: Bypass all SMTP time recipient/sender/spam/relay checks
  • Whitelist: Trusted Mail Hosts/IP Blocks (bypass all SMTP time checks except recipient verification)

I personally think that cPanel is great for the end-user...(painful if your used to manually setting this yourself however.... I agree) If your loosing changes everytime cpanel updates - simply open a ticket with them. Their support is exceptional. Anyhow - save them here and they should not be overwritten.

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