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Usually I will make 1 MySQL user for every database, instead 1 MySQL user for all database.

but I just wonder.. does more MySQL user will require more CPU & memory usage?

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Simply put NO..

The amount of users is not comparable to memory or cpu..

In fact, to get to the point..

It is the amount of connections ( which use MEMORY ) and What those connections are doing ( Which use CPU )

Usually a connection/thread is capable of maximising 1 cpu core

Hope this helps :)

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More Memory: Yes, though not in a relevant area.

More CPU: similar.

Multiple logins, multiple open connections e tc. - but at the end not in a range that is relevant compared to query processing and caching. I actually doubt you will be able to measure the higher use outside of lab scenarios (hundreds or thousands of users with no real load) designed to measure exactly this.

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