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Which are the major ISPs out there that support IPv6 traffic?

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It might help to know where you're looking, or do you mean globally? – Chopper3 Nov 8 '10 at 16:32
I am concerned with US and Europe. I am specifically looking to host servers in a datacenter with ISPs that support IPv6. Not all ISPs support (consumer or enterprise or datacenter) I am aware of it - so of course not globally. – GeorgeU Nov 9 '10 at 13:24
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Hurricane Electric is the biggest evangelist -- they'll often give you discounts for running dual stack compared to v4 only. Other carriers include Global Crossing, Verizon Business (on some routers; can be a hassle), Level3, nLayer, Sprint (new offering, may still be working kinks out).

Here's a longer list:

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IP Exchange, Germany, Nürnberg got me a /56 within an hour after asking for it ;)

Not cheap, no servers (only partial racks - 1/4 minimum).... 71gbit external bandwidth last time I asked ;)

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Leaseweb supports IPv6 as well, though they don't really advertise it. You have to ask for an IPv6 address once you have a server, but they answer quickly.

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IPExchange, SpaceNet and Level 3 are known to me.

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