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I am relatively new to using linux but have a vps with centos installed with uTorrent installed via wine.

The VPS has 50GB of space which I have noticed all of that is being taken up by the home/admin/ directory.

Inside this directory are two other directories - Desktop and Downloads which downloads only takes up 34gb and Desktop which says nothing due to all that is on there is 1 icon to utorrent.

What could be taking up the extra 16GB of space?


the files were in /home/admin/.local/share/Trash/files

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I'll bet it's temp files used by uTorrent. Try checking under /home/admin/.wine/dosdevices/c:/. The /home/admin/.wine directory is hidden since its name starts with a period, that's why you probably didn't check it.

You can also use find to check for files bigger than, say, 50 MB, a la:

find /home/admin -size +50M

Adjust the 50M accordingly (+100M for finding files bigger than 100MB, +1G for files bigger than 1 GB, etc.)

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I'm a fan of something like this for figuring out where all my space is going:

du -mcx | sort -n

After cd'ing to the directory you're investigating, of course.

The biggest items will be the top level directories, but you should be able to see which bottom-level directories are the problem.

You can add a "-a" to the du command-line to see individual files listed.

The "-m" makes it output in megabytes; you can use "-k" for kilobytes instead. The "-x" prevents it crossing filesystem boundaries, which is useful if you're looking for something on the / partition, for instance. The -c produces a grand total.

The biggest directories will pop out right at the bottom of the list.

Or format it upside down and just give the top 20:

du -mx | sort -rn | head -n 20
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With OpenVZ there are soft and hard quotas. I within the VPS the disk size will appear as the soft quota until you exceed it. Maybe your VPS is OpenVZ?

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xdiskusage is an excellent disk space usage visualizer - you can see the problem areas almost immediately.

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I'm also a big fan of Filelight. – andrewd18 Jun 4 '09 at 19:16
Nifty. One of the killer features for me and xdiskusage is the ability to pretty much copy the static binary anywhere I like or even just pipe the output of du into it. Very handy working on remote disparate systems. – MikeyB Jun 4 '09 at 20:03

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