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I would like to block black listed URLs and Domains using the squid proxy server. In the tutorials, what is mostly shown how to block one URL/Domain, however I would like to have the URLs/Domains in a file and have one acl on the config file so that when it comes to updating the list, I just change the file instead of the config file

how can i go about this

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In addition to what otheres have suggested, Squid can be configured to talk to other proxy servers either as parents or peers. You can use a filtering proxy alongside squid to block the sites that you want to block. You can search for examples of squid+privoxy or squid+dansguardian.

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As the list grows the performance drops off quite significantly in my experience. If you're beyond a few dozen entries I'd suggest you look at SquidGuard as an alternative way of blocking entries on that list.

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I have found an answer here

ACL parameters in an external file.

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That's a crappy way to solve the problem (and you should flag the question as answered if you have a solution - albeit the wrong one). The right way to solve the problem is via the URL rewriter - not ACLs – symcbean Nov 9 '10 at 9:30

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