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On SBS 2003 you could have the console login, and 2 admin users logged in remotely. On a recent SBS 2008 server I installed, it appears, by default that it is using remote desktop and only allows one user at a time, either console or remote. Can it be changed to act like SBS 2003?

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According to this blog post, you cannot use Terminal Services in SBS2008

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TS is different from Remote Desktop. And you can use TS in 2008 Premium (as it comes with a 2nd 2008 license). –  Mark Henderson Jun 4 '09 at 22:12
Sorry, that should have read SBS 2008 Premium –  Mark Henderson Jun 4 '09 at 22:12
The OP stated SBS2008 and not the Premium version. –  GregD Jun 4 '09 at 22:15
To clarifiy terms Chad is trying to use a feautre built into most Microsoft Server versions from 2000 and up called "Remote Desktop Administration". Farseeker is correct you cannot run Terminal Services which allows non-admins to connect and more than two as well. They are very similar which can make them confusing (thank you Microsoft). –  Matt Jun 4 '09 at 22:32

To be clear all of my information came from this webpage: http://blog.mpecsinc.ca/2009/03/sbs-2008-remove-single-ts-user.html

  1. Click Start and type: Terminal Services Configuration [Enter] (the console will come up immediately while typing)

  2. Click Continue at the UAC prompt.

  3. Double click on the Restrict each user to a single session setting.

  4. Uncheck the setting.

  5. Click Apply and OK.

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He's not talking about the 'no TS' he's talking about how by default in server 2008 only one admin can TS into the box at a time.

From Start Run tsconfig.msc (uncheck Single connection) For the TS Remote access

Then you can have two Admins and use Shadow for training.

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