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I have quite a strange question..

Has anyone setup a Publish/Subscribe Foreign Currency Exchange server???

I know that redis can perform the PUB/SUB.. but i need a channel or a better idea :D

Any suggestions welcome..

Update: A publish/subscribe to even Google / Yahoo Api's is also an option.. I just dont want to query every time i need information.. ( i need to maintain it locally ) Wherby the "Publisher/Provider" broadcasts it to me as information changes..

Think Comet,Websockets,Pubsubhubbub etc etc

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I'll bet money that the answer to your question is "no". As for alternate ideas: if you want to get this information from the horse's mouth, use the FOREX APIs: I've never looked into what they cost. If that's overkill, try the Google Finance APIs.

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Well your definitely right.. everyone wants money that ive seen.. Besides Yahoo and Google API's which i believe i can use for free ( ive already looked into this ) – Arenstar Nov 13 '10 at 17:47

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