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Something disastrous happened to me. I accidentally dropped my important table from SQL Server 2005 Express DB. Is there any way to recover that table with all records? Can DB Log file help? I have a backup until yesterday, and today's 6 hrs of transactions are lost.

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if it's that important, then why is there no backup? – Gerrie Schenck Nov 10 '10 at 14:20
we have day end backups for this DB, but this happened in afternoon – RAJ K Nov 10 '10 at 14:45
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I'm going to add this as an answer even though it's not a fix-all (unfortunately, you need to recover data that's not backed up).


SqlExpress doesn't have all the nice features the full version does (including backup plans), however, ExpressMaint is a great solution that you wire-up to your task scheduler via command-line execution. You can have it run as often as you want. It works great.

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That's exactly why all RDBMS have log files, so you can recover from disasters like these.

For Sql Server 2005 start here with a log file recovery process. And here is another resource. The starting snippet from that article:

A coworker calls you in a panic because he accidentally deleted some production data, and he wants you to restore the lost records. ...

In this case, you are your own panicked co-worker.

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