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We have a Domain with a DC running server 2003 r2 and 2 file servers also running server 2003 r2. The shared folders on one of the file servers cannot be accessed I can ping both ways with ip and name. I have removed the server from the domain and added it back. Even the DC cannot access the file server. I have tried using win explorer and \name\ I can see the server but it says I don,t have permission. I have read forums and have tried various fix with not luck. I have enabled the guest account, added both computer name and user name to the shared folder still no luck, any thoughts would be appreciated

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Have you checked permissions on the folder being shared and the share itself? – pacey Nov 10 '10 at 20:10

Brain storm:

  • Check the system event log
  • Check the server service is running
  • Check the Windows firewall hasn't kicked in on the NICs
  • Check the IP settings (though it joined the domain, so probably moot)
  • Check "Windows file and print sharing" is bound to the NIC(s)
  • Perform a net view \\<file server> to check the shares are available remotely
  • Like pacey said check the share permissions
  • Check the NTFS permissions of the underlying folder being shared
  • Try a net share on the server to get its perspective of the active shares
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