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I can't log into my WHM because it's really slow to load. How can I give the daemon cpsrvd more memory so it loads faster?

Because I cant log into WHM I can't do this from the web panel, instead I need to log in via SSH.

My server is on CentOS 5.

I've used the terminal thousands of times just never had to allocate more memory to cpsrvd.


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Firstly what makes you think there is a memory restriction on cpsrvd?

Secondly are you sure memory is the issue?

Simply put to give anything more memory you must first have enough in the server, you can look at packages such as ulimit for limiting memory, and cgroups can also be used (however this isn't available until CentOS6)

Unless you have something limiting the memory usage of cpsrvd, there's no going to be a way to "give it more".

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The server is brand new. I have servers at the same data center but these servers were previously managed. The sever responds fine, just WHM don't load. It hangs. I've read a lot on Google and the most common causes is a memory limit. –  James Jefery Nov 10 '10 at 21:07
hi James, you could try checking the init.d script for a ulimit clause, failing that there may be a limit on the user ulimit -u <uid> -v should reveal if this is the case. –  Oneiroi Nov 11 '10 at 10:14

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