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Still going through my LDAP database in my search for the wicked, I noticed a lot of accounts have sambaAcctFlags equal to [U], though the Samba docs says it should have 11 characters between [ and ] (and some actually do).

Is that a problem, or is 11 characters just an upper limit?


Just to be clear, many entries are like this:

sambaAcctFlags: [U          ]

But some are like this:

sambaAcctFlags: [U]

It is the later I'm concerned about.

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According to the passdb documentation on, the account flag field can contain up to 16 characters. Presently, only 11 are in use.

I can confirm that we've been using it in production for many years with accounts having just one flag.

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Not much a question of having one flag, but of the field being filled with spaces to make up 11 characters or not. I hadn't noticed that section (I was looking up the field name), so that's +1. I don't feel, however, confident that there's a definitive answer. Sure, it works here, but that doesn't mean it may not cause subtle problems. – Daniel C. Sobral Nov 18 '10 at 12:12

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