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I would like to start testing and development on CentOS 6.

Is it available, or when is it due for release?

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RHEL 6 was only released today. CentOS is usually 2-3 months behind as they have to strip any licensed material and recompile. Why not try Fedora 14 while you're waiting?

See the CentOS and Red Hat previous release dates.

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Ohh im not a big fan of Fedora for servers.. Ubuntu is my desktop favourite.. For Servers, im a die hard CentOS fan, followed up strongly by debian.. You really think it will take 2-3 months? even for a beta? – Arenstar Nov 11 '10 at 2:25
CentOS don't make them as betas - they don't develop, just recompile as far as I'm aware. As for not using Fedora for servers - why consider using a new distribution on release date if that's the case? There's always going to be a few bugs to iron out. – James L Nov 11 '10 at 2:27
Im basically testing out a future setup.. i wanted to start standardising for the future project with some "advanced" currently beta or new release software.. So it would be nice to start on something i wont need to change.. even if i hit a few bugs.. But i think your right.. Centos does the rebadge-recompile thing.. so there probabaly wont be a beta seen publicly.. Cheers – Arenstar Nov 11 '10 at 2:30
CentOS only do beta releases for major versions, like this one. As documented here: – Sirex Feb 8 '11 at 10:17
It's late June, and I'm surprised to see that no progress has been made on this. RHEL is already at the 6.1 stage. – ewwhite Jun 27 '11 at 15:28

This is what they announced on Twitter today:

There are, ofcourse, no release dates. Its done when its done. But if you need something to plan against - think 4 to 6 weeks. #centos6


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It looks like they are posting status updates to this page semi-regularly:

The most recent as of this writing was posted on 2011/02/22:

Yesterday (Tuesday February 22, 2011), I received a status update from Karanbir regarding the progress of CentOS 6.0 and he has asked me to post it to this thread.


6.0: Due to time issues, I'm not updating the Audit Status page [1] at the moment. However there has been movement on the CentOS 6 build-front. I think I'll leave updating that page until 4.9 and 5.6 are out of the door.

The Audit page they refer to is available here:

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The QA process is open, but do expect to do some actual work helping to get CentOS 6 ready for GA.

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How can i help??? – Arenstar Nov 11 '10 at 14:50
Ask in #centos-devel on Freenode. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Nov 11 '10 at 14:51

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