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I have a Linux Computer that I want to connect via VPN to a Windows Computer, but I need it to be Easy to connect like TeamViewer is. I need it to be Real Simple because I'm setting this up for Someone that has to access a Work Network from their Linux machine but they aren't that Tech savvy so anything Complicated will just get them confused. I like how in TeamViewer you just have to type the ID and Password and it'll Conect. No other complicated processes it's just Open, ID & Pass, Connect. Dead simple. Is their anything of Equivalence for a Linux Computer to Connect to Windows?

NOTE: An Idea I had while writing this was to simply Install TeamViewer in a Normal Wine Install with the Latest Windows Version since the Linux Version is just a Windows Install run through a Trimmed down Wine. Could this work for the VPN or is their No way to connect a Windows VPN through Wine?

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I haven't tried the Linux version but the Windows version works fine through Wine.

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Does TeamViewer's VPN feature work through Wine though? – PTSupport Nov 13 '10 at 16:23

Many years ago, I used Hamachi for this. Not tried it since, but at one time, it was that easy.

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Openvpn has lots of frontends

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