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I am successfully uploading my files via FTP to my server. My client is showing it is there. When I try an access the URL i get a 404. Not sure why. I entered in the correct URL (my client also offers the option to open the file)

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DId you compare permissions with other files which are accessible via url and ftp? – pacey Nov 12 '10 at 7:11
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Have you uploaded your file to the correct IIS virtual directory? I assume you are using IIS because you've tagged "windows-server-2008" to this post.

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Without knowing your IIS version for sure I'm going to take a stab in the dark. If you're certain your path is correct and that your files are actually there... then my spidey senses tell me that you are uploading a file extension that's an unknown MIME type to your IIS.

If you try and host a static file that IIS doesn't have in it's list of known mime types you're going to get a 404.3 response. I've run into this with .mp4 .m4v and various other extensions. From here it's not too complicated to solve.

If you're running IIS7:

If you're running IIS6:

Note that you'll have to restart the app pool.

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