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Amazon has recently added the ability to use any server as an origin server for Cloudfront, removing the original S3 only restriction.

My question is- how do I set this up? The AWS web-gui seems to only support the S3 buckets (still), and the ec2 command line tools don't appear to have anything for registering a Cloudfront distro.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

Thanks, Chris.

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You have to use the API to create a DistributionConfig that uses CustomOrigin (rather than S3Origin). Some documentation on how to do so here:

Then you have to create a Distribution using that DistributionConfig:

More information on Distributions can be found here:

I believe once you've created the Distribution, you can manage it from within the AWS Console, but you can't yet create them there.

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Including this, which is pretty straightforward to use until the GUI tools catch up… – jabley Jan 7 '11 at 11:36

Now-a-days you can setup Custom Origin via the AWS Web console.

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Add a loadbalancer your EC2, you can than select the load balancer as origin in Cloudfront.

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