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I want to permanently change the hostname on a Solaris box. How do I do that?

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Assuming that you have allowed the operating system to configure the primary interface for you, there are three (3) files you must change:


<interface> will be the primary ethernet interface for the system. Some examples (depending on your architecture) will be bge0, hme0, e1000g0, eri0, qfe0. Here's an ad-free answer for future reference.

Also change the savecore directory to reflect the new hostname in /etc/dumpadm.conf, and you may also need to edit /etc/inet/ipnodes, depending on the exact version of Solaris.

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It's important to mention here, as per RealAdmin's answer that the savecore directory /var/crash/<hostname> and dumpadm configuration should be changed too when changing the hostname. – Shaun Dewberry Mar 13 '12 at 10:11

They don't make it easy, do they?

Answer here:

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Thanks! I actually got to that page from Google, but my eyes totally missed the answer due to the rampant ads. – Mike Ottum Jun 5 '09 at 0:36

The supported way of doing this is to run the sys-unconfig command, then reconfigure the host with the desired name.

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sys-unconfig may be the supported way of doing this, but it completely hoses the entire configuration of the machine and you have to re-configure a reboot (from the LOM or system controller). What a pain.

also issue the command hostname new_hostname and a reboot is not required. You must also rename the /var/cras/hostname file and update the /etc/dumpadm.conf file and change the hostname.

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to piggyback off gary chambers--here's a more authoritative source! His answer is correct though, I give him all the credit for that, but I take a Reaganistic approach to external verify!

section 5.1: Modifying the IPv4 Address and Other Network Parameters to Persist Across Reboots

taken from: System Administration Guide: IP Services > Part II TCP/IP Administration > Chapter 5 Configuring TCP/IP Network Services and IPv4 Addressing (Tasks) > Configuring Systems on the Local Network > How to Change the IPv4 Address and Other Network Configuration Parameters

Also in versions earlier than 11/06, do the following:

# vi /etc/inet/ipnodes

<IPoflocalhost> <updatedhostname>

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uname -S <new-hostname>
to change the hostname of a running system. Beware that the change will be lost upon reboot. To make them permanent, modify the files indicated by Gary Chambers.

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#ifconfig -a

lo:  e1000g0 : <----- Ur interface Name

#vi /etc/hostname.<interface> hostname hostname

save and exit

#svcadm restart network
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