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As part of my company's QA mechanism we have to check that localized versions of our website are served when the website is accessed from a local area.

At the moment to do this we port-foward to a remote server in that country via SSH and proxy connections via the port, but that is all-or-nothing at an environment layer.

What we'd like is for the router to create (presumably) a static route to the remote server for a given list of domains so that if we access them from the office the connection is automatically routed via that remote server. The router runs DD-WRT and can handle static routes.

Is this the right way of solving this problem, and how do we go about setting this up?


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Probably best to set up a VPN connection from your router to respective remote sites and just change your local DNS to give IPs of the remote servers for the domains in question. The remote servers would continue to host a proxy server and you would still have to set up your browsers to use these proxies for respective domains.

If you want to make it more transparent, you could set up a transparent proxy. Take a look at squid proxy:

That is a bit more involved, though, and depends on the size of your QA team.

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