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I'm trying to upload (transfer) a 35GB file to a linux server through SFTP (filezilla). After about 15 hours and 8% progress, I got an error on filezilla saying "Connection timed out".

How can I change or disable the ftp timeout?

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@3mb's a minute.. wow ( this is going to take some time ) :P

170hours or so... hehe

What is your ftp daemon on the server???

I would attempt to edit these things on your daemon..

And this on your ftp client (Filezilla)

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yeah, its going to take about a week A: proftpd, if you're referring to the ftp server – arcov5 Nov 15 '10 at 7:38
Updated my answer :D – Arenstar Nov 15 '10 at 7:48

Time-outs might indicate the transfer will never complete if your disable timeouts.

Since, so far as I know, FTP and SFTP can't resume an upload, I would do the FTP as a get from the other end, and use resume when the connection times-out.

Since time does not seem to be an issue, if you have the disk space you could use split to break the data into smaller chunks, with greater chance of success with the transfer of each chunk.

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