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When using AT&T's OPT-E-MAN service over fiber, is the EIR (Excess Information Rate) potentially much higher than the CIR (Committed Information Rate)? The OPT-E-MAN service plans have CIRs ranging from 2 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps, so it seems like the pipe itself can handle very high bandwidth. So if you sign up for a 2 Mbps CIR, would you expect average bandwidth to be barely above 2 Mbps, or could it be much higher? I understand that the real world Excess number would be dependent on the actual shared load for that particular circuit, but I'm curious if AT&T artificially caps that number or if there is some other limitation. Does anyone have any experience with AT&T CIRs/EIRs?

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I think that this question is so exact location and other subscriber dependent it's impossible to give a good answer - there are just too many variables to quantify.

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