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I work for a medium sized software team.

We sell a software product that lets an organisation integrate into their business systems (DBMS, SAP, etc) and display the data in tables and maps.

We have around 30-40 clients.

Each of these clients may use the product with 10-100 staff, but generally there is only 1-3 people who are Administrator's for the package.

  • We have an online webhelp.
  • We also have a blog.
  • We also have a dedicated support team.

We are now considering having a forum to encourage users to ask questions, and share tools (can create custom tools for our product) and over time, this will also become a searchable knowledge-base for people to find answers quicker than going through the support channel.

Platform Choice

vBulletin and phpBB seems a bit old school, but I guess they still work well. StackOverflow structure is great, but at the same time we need something that's free, and we still want an aspect of general discussion as opposed to a Q&A site. Does anyone have any recommendations?

If people also have any general best practise advice, before we dive straight into creating a forum, please let me know.


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How about ? It works similar like StackOverflow structure but with forums

You can find a example site here


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