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I need to either use DNS or I guess IIS(redirect) to have the following happen.

mail.domain.com -> https://website.com

How can I achieve this?

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You could use DNS direct https://mail.domain.com requests to https://website.com by placing a CNAME record in the zonefile for domain.com and by configuring the webserver at website.com to accept and handle requests with a HTTP Host header of mail.domain.com (regardless that the server is website.com). This will be faster.

Otherwise you will need a redirect, either in HTTP headers emitted by a webserver at http[s]://mail.domain.com or an HTML redirect in an index.html (or equivalent) at that location & URL. The specifics depend on what webserver software you run at that computer. This is more flexible but involves the client making two HTTP requests instead of one.

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Well, another way to do this is by using HTML. You could have HTML redirect them using a meta tag. Here is an example.

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="5;url=http://www.superuser.com" />

The value of content (5) is how many seconds it will wait until it redirects. The url value is where you will redirect them to. I hope this helps! Comment if you have any other questions.

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If you're using IIS7 or greater than URL Rewrite is the way to go. A simple rule at the server or site level can watch for the original domain and redirect to the new domain. You can enforce https or most anything else you want.

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