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Can I assume that if you add packages such as httpd and php these will be installed via "yum install" as long as I specify them after the %packages in the kickstart file?


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That's correct.

Here's a bit more documentation if you need more info

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In a literal sense, no. The packages listed in the %packages section are installed by Anaconda, the Fedora installation program. This uses yum internally, but via API calls rather than exec'ing the yum command-line tool. That means the semantics of the install may differ slightly from what you get with yum install (particularly, the plugins configured will not necessarily be the same).

However, if the packages you specify are available in a configured repository at install time, the installer will pull them in and install the packages. And since httpd and php are of course part of the base Fedora release, unless you're doing something odd, putting them on the %packages section should just work.

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