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A little confusing question, but here's what I'm trying to do.

I have port forwarding setup so that we can use 1 static IP to RDP into different machines behind our firewall.

For instance

My Dev Machine ->

One of our internal servers: ->

What I was hoping to be able to do is to setup a dns entry that would handle the mapping for us so instead of: to get to my pc I could go to

Is this possible?

Disclamer: Real IP's not used here to protect the innocent.


If it wont work using port forwarding, is there some other option I can use? Can I setup local dns entries that take and map it to an internal ip?

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No, this won't work - DNS entries only relate to whole IP addresses, not IP:port combinations.

The only practical way to make this work using hostnames alone is to get more IP addresses from your ISP.

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It is absolutely possible. DNS only points to a particular IP address - naturally it does not care if the IP address is behind a firewall. DNS will work if the IP is assigned to a server that crashed, or even if the IP was not assigned.

Couple more points

  • I could imagine a fancy DNS server setup that checks the connectivity before giving you an answer but that's rear
  • No ports in DNS (as Alnitak mentioned)
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