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This morning when i tried to check the checkpoint feature-I stumbled upon this...

Id Name State Next Run Description

21 Daily_Patient Paused Wed Nov 17 01:05:00 EST 2010
11 UFS11_daily Active Tue Nov 16 23:02:00 EST 2010 UFS11_Weekly Active Sun Nov 21 05:32:00 EST 2010 <

nas_ckpt_schedule -list

Id = 21

Name= Daily_Patient ,Description = Snap_Patient_daily, Tasks = Checkpoint Daily_Patient on filesystem id=143 Next Run = Wed Nov 17 01:05:00 EST 2010 State = Paused Recurrence = every 1 weeks Start On = Fri Nov 20 14:04:12 EST 2009 End On = At Which Times = 01:05 On Which Days of Week = Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri

Does this mean the checkpoint feature is disabled for the share because of SavVol full or something? i am unable to understand this..

Do i get an option in CLI to check for the SavVol used? As far as i know, this shouldn't be happening since we use AVM feature and have HWM set up ,SavVol is auto expandable in this case>> Any help will be appreciated!

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Try to run fs_ckpt -list -all, to check the SavVol usage, basically when the SavVol is full, the newly created ckpts overwrite the oldest one in the SavVol.

If you find the SvVol over utilized, you can extend it using nas_fs command

nas_fs -xtend <ckpt name> -size=10G [just an example] not sure about the exact syntax run nas_fs followed by Enter key to display the command parameters and usage.

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