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One of my servers has just failed. I am unable to get it to boot.

I have built a replacement server on new hardware, but I have just discovered that the SSL cerrtificate we purchased through VeriSign was never exported.

I have the .cer file and the signing request but not the .pfx file to import to the new server.

I have the drives from the failed server that I can access.

Is there any way I can retrieve this certificate?


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Will VeriSign not reissue the certificate? – CarloBaldini Nov 17 '10 at 11:28
I wasn't aware that they would as this has never happened. I just discovered they will and am doing this right now. :) – neildeadman Nov 17 '10 at 12:12
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As you'll see from BitCareTech's comment, VeriSign and other CA's will re-issue the certificate.

+1 for BitCareTech

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Yes sure, you should contact VeriSign for re-issue your certificate. While re-issue you will need to use newly generate CSR and install certificate again. You can only use re-issued certificate for same domain only.

visit above link there you will find Chat With a Support Rep.

Chat with VeriSign Support team and ask assistance for re-issue certificate.

Cheap EV SSL Certificates Join SSL Reseller Program SSL Affiliate

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