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I will configure Log Shipping for more than 1 database on single a server. And I wan't to know If I can use a single Shared Folder or if I have to create a Folder For Each Database.

What I mean is:

  • Does SQL know what backups to copy If I use a Shared Folder?
  • How about the copy destination, can it be the same for more than one database?
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Each database will have its own job and will only copy the dbname_*.trn, so they can share the same source and destination folder. The jobs format the log backup file names in such a way that they can distinguish the LS backups from regular backups and will only copy the LS formatted ones for that database.

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Thanks I was wondering if the job was smart enough to only copy the dbname_*.trn, and also restore it correctly. – Gabriel Guimarães Nov 18 '10 at 14:41

While I haven't ever log shipped multiple databases (only one) from the primary, I would implement with each log shipping install have its own shared backup and copy folders.

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