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In lighttpd.conf usually comment 1 line with #

How was wondering how to comment multiple lines without adding # in front of each line.


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since the lighttpd documentation doesnt show something like this in the syntax documentation, i dont think this is possible.

however, your editor may have a function to put a # in front of every line you select :)

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You could pull the lines out into a separate.conf file and then in the main file do:

include "separate.conf"

Then you have a single line that you can comment in/out as you wish with a #.

Not precisely what you want, but depending on why you want to do it, that might be of use.

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This is PHP, correct? If so you would just use:

/* This is the start of my comment

This is more of my comment. This is

the end of my comment. */

Good luck.

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No it is the webserver configuration file. How can be php if I use # on a single line ? – Patrick Nov 17 '10 at 12:19

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