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DISCLAIMER: This is a cross post from superuser because after I posted on superuser I started to think it was sent to the wrong site. I hope that's ok.

How do you best take an existing shared drive and turn it into an alfresco one?

Our office uses one central shared drive to store the following:

  • Administration Documents.
  • Employee Schedule (in Excel)
  • Software/drivers and their installers
  • Application specific data (proprietary formats)
  • Video archive (Some videos need to be indexed but most are only to be saved for a month then deleted)

I think the searching, checkin / checkout and versioning would be invaluable to us but I can not see our department changing their current workflow. So I need to just take the existing share drive (with it's current structure) and dump it into alfresco. Then can I start telling them about checkouts and searching and stuff.

Any ideas or comments?

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