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I have a DFS setup between my 2 locations, and there are a few employees that move between them. Can i have a GPO at each location to change where their Redirected Folders to the local server.

I have the contents of the folders replicated.

Server1 Windows SBS 2008 Server2 Windows Server 2008

//domain.local/files/users/FolderRedirects is the DFS name

//server1/RedirectedFolders is the share on server1

//server1/RedirectedFolders is the share on server2

Our would it be better to have the users Redirected Folders mapped to the DFS directly.

These user are not changing locations rapidly. so the Files have plenty of time to replicate. i user might leave one location and 30-60 mins later arrive at the second location. Usually they would work one day at location1 and maybe another day at location2.

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I would think that mapping the redirected folders to DFS would be the better way to go. I might also suggest configuring Offline Files for the redirected folders as well.

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I think we already have the offline files configured. –  Travis Nov 17 '10 at 20:50

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