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Can mod_proxy be configured to write all HTTP traffic to a log file, including request and response headers and body?

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I don't believe so, though doing so would be a trivial task for tcpdump.

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Elaborating on ErikA's answer:

A simple way of doing this is to capture all traffic on port 80 to a file:

tcpdump -w /tmp/packets port 80

And then use "strings" to extract the text content of the packets:

strings /tmp/packets

This will include some garbage but will generally get you what you need. You can also use the "Follow TCP Stream" feature in Wireshark to get a cleaner version of the same thing.

Life is a little more difficult if you're working with SSL traffic. A typical solution would be to use stunnel to intercept the SSL traffic and then proxy it to your web server over the loopback interface; this lets you capture the unencrypted traffic.

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