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I need to run a script every time my OSX server (10.5.8) the server restarts. The closest I could find was to add the script to my login items but this would only apply to one use and I need this script to be run whenever the server restarts to matter which user logs in. Is there a way to do this?

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System startup on OS X is managed by launchd. See, in particular the "External links" section. Several of these documents describe how to set up launchd services.

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larsks is right, launchd is the way to do this. For a GUI to interact with launchd, check out Lingon -- it works fine on 10.5 and is fairly user friendly.

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You can setup a cronjob that runs at reboot. Just use the alias @reboot instead of the normal time specification. See man 5 crontab for more info.

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