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I am currently using for my domains. I love them: cheap, reliable and, most importantly, clean and intuitive interface. (Basically the opposite of what I see when I have to login to GoDaddy for a client.)

I want to register a .me domain. does not support this TLD. Anyone have a good recommendation? I see this list here, but am unsure which would be good.

Thanks, Chris

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I hosted with TierraNet many years ago. They were a great company then, and were very responsive to my requests for help. I haven't used any of their services in a few years, however, so I am not sure if anything has changed. I currently host with Media Temple, but they don't register .me.

GoDaddy and Network Solutions are two other big names that a lot of my clients use and have success with - they are both on the list of registrars. Personally, I can't stand trying to navigate the GoDaddy website - but to each their own.

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Thank you. I really dislike GoDaddy too, and this is why I was looking for something else. I'm going to use TierraNet. – xrd Nov 18 '10 at 3:43

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