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How can I rename a VM on KVM+libvirt?

I would like it to change the name in the 'inventory' as well as change the name of the storage etc.

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after I asked this question the fine folks on the libvirt project have added the 'virsh edit my-vm-name' command. – Arthur Ulfeldt Nov 29 '11 at 7:37
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virsh dumpxml name_of_vm > name_of_vm.xml

Undefine the old vm to prevent an error because of an duplicate UUID.

virsh undefine name-of-vm

Edit the xml file then import it.

virsh define name_of_vm.xml

Of course you will have to stop and start the vm for the changes to take effect

virsh destroy name_of_vm
virsh start name_of_vm
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need to add one step: (before defining the vm with the new name) "virsh undefine name-of-vm" otherwise it complains about duplicate UUID. – Arthur Ulfeldt Nov 18 '10 at 17:12
i also had to rename the hd.img file and edit the line in the xml file – Arthur Ulfeldt Nov 18 '10 at 18:45
Correct order is in the other answer. You don't have to rename img if you don't use the old machine. – Nux Oct 8 '12 at 9:28
virsh dumpxml myvm > foo.xml
<edit foo.xml, change the name, move storage>
virsh undefine myvm
virsh define foo.xml


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To change many machines you can use this:

virsh shutdown old-name

Wait for above to finish and run:

virsh dumpxml old-name > old-name.xml
virsh undefine old-name

Wait for above to finish and run:

sed -i 's/<name>old-name<\/name>/<name>new-name<\/name>/g' old-name.xml
virsh define old-name.xml

Run this one-by-one for each machine. You can use this RegExp if you have a list containing old-name new-name:

([^\r\n]+?)[ \t]+([^\r\n]+)
virsh shutdown $1\n#WAIT!\nvirsh dumpxml $1 > $1.xml\nvirsh undefine $1\n\#WAIT!\nsed -i 's/<name>$1<\\/name>/<name>$2<\\/name>/g' $1.xml\nvirsh define $1.xml\n
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I do it little differently and may be un-recommended method (not sure).

virsh destroy old-vm virsh edit old-vm

In the XML change

  1. domain name old-vm to new-vm
  2. change a char/digit in UUID save and exit.

virsh list --all

1 old-vm shut-off

2 new-vm shut-off

Now undefine the old-vm

virsh undefine old-vm

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