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How i can Point Multiple Maschines (Ip-Addresses) to one Subdomain It serve the images from root domain. The Problem when the Storage is full at the subdomain we need more ip addresses.

How i can solve this ?

Many Thanks Sascha

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You can add multiple A records for to the DNS zone file for

Some DNS servers will serve these in a "round-robin" fashion so that requests are distributed fairly evenly over the IP-addresses. This is a form of load balancing

However, the HTTP servers at each address will need to be able to serve the full range of resources expected at URLs containing So this isn't a way of dealing with a shortage of disk space.

Maybe you should look at reverse proxying as a way of referring some requests to servers at other IP-addresses where more space is available.

Adding more disk is usually the simplest answer, in the long run, to running out of disk space. Hence SAN, NAS etc.

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What about a load-balancer or reverse-proxy (like NGINX)?

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Having A records in DNS would work like a load-balancer in this scenario.

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