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Although I have been through the steps required to setup a website, after aquisition of a domain name, I have forgotten the steps required. I have a couple of domain names which I purchased a while back and I want to setup 'coming soon' type pages for them.

I am already running a website with my hosting provider (using Apache), and there are no restrictions (within reasons ofcourse) on how many websites I can set up on my server (its a VPS).

Unfortunately, I do not recall the steps involved.

Could someonne please remind me the steps required so that I can have the new websites and setup to coexist peacefully with on the same server?

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  1. Change the nameservers of your domain to point to your hosting account nameservers.
  2. Add the domain to your hosting account as a subdomain if you are only allowed to have one main domain. If you have a cPanel interface this is quite simple and you can setup the url to you new domain as cPanel will create the required directory in you public_html folder and all relevant files.
  3. Optionally you can choose to have a 301 permanent redirect from your subdomain to if someone ever wanted to access your new site using the subdomain
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