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I'm seeing a lot of the following errors in my apache error log coming from a variety of IPs and referrers. Some IPs are my own IP. Most of the URL is referring to one article in my WordPress. Any idea? Thanks.

[warn] [client IP] Not GET request: 2., referer: URL

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The error you're seeing is because HTTP is made up of many different types of requests. One you already know--GET--and others--such as POST--you probably recognize. A full list is available. Basically, depending on the file being accessed, certain request methods are allowed--in this case, it looks like only GET is expected, and its receiving something else.

This could be due to a variety of issues. Most likely, a plugin--either for Apache or Wordpress--is getting in the way; try disabling any low-level plugins that deal with caching, compressing, etc., and see if you continue to see those errors. For example, WP Total Cache (on the WP side), and mod_pagespeed (on the Apache side).

Let me know if you continue to encounter errors.


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I think the mod_pagespeed caused the problem. I've upgrade it to the latest version and the problem gone. Thanks. – garconcn Nov 19 '10 at 19:33

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