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Is there an equivalent of gitosis for subversion? As in a wrapper package that allows ssh access via ssh keys, with everyone using the one ssh user?

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I've written one. It's not particularly documented or tested at this point, but it seems to work.

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Lars' python scripts work for me too, after some manual setup of "svn" user, including:

  • manual editing of /Users/svn/.ssh/authorized_keys,
  • the chmods to the commit hook files that Lars mentions in his readme,
  • updating the "svn" user's PATH to include location of svnbiosis-serve script.

I'm using Mac OS X, so for "svn" local user setup I used the "dscl" tool according to, and then just referenced my /Users/git/.ssh/* setup for /Users/svn/.ssh/* setup and as a sanity check.

(Wanted to post this as a comment to Lars' solution, but serverfault is not letting me ... or at least not letting in an obvious way)

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I believe that new users are not able to leave comments...but in any case, I'm glad to know it's working out for someone! – larsks Jul 6 '11 at 18:18

I don't think there is a wrapper like gitosis or gitolite, which both use "forced command" for declaring their wrapper.

svnserver itself allow for a ssh configuration.
And as this SF answer illustrates, thant doesn't prevent you to add your own "forced command" ssh wrapper.

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