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I creted two repository into a repo. There are different projects into both. All the things are going to work fine. but, i am not able to restrict a user for browsing one of the project.

Content of the /etc/apache2/svn_ACL file is

[groups] admin = administrator, samir, adoor development = kamlesh, dhiraj, ravindra, vijay, ajit, amit, deepak, abhi, gautam, sudhir testing = avinash, meenu readwritegrp = usera, userb readgrp = userc

[/] @admin = rw @development = rw @testing = r

@readwritegrp = rw @readgrp = r

[/new_project/trunk] @readwritegrp = rw @readgrp =

@admin = rw @development =

[old_project/trunk] @readwritegrp = rw @readgrp = rw

@admin = rw @development = rw @testing = r

[/new_project/konfer-nms] @testing = @development = meenu=

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@admin = rw
@development = rw 
@testing = r

Is your problem, you are allowing the user read access at the root level, and thus to everything, to overcome this

@admin = rw
@development = rw 
@testing = 


@testing = r
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Thanks Oneiroi. – user60855 Nov 20 '10 at 5:59
When I made changes according to youe suggestion, I got 403- forbidden error. Means when we deniy a group/user to access at root label, the group/user is not able to access [/project_to_allow_access_to] – user60855 Nov 20 '10 at 6:05

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