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I am new to Hyper v, i have windows 2008 machine, hosted 3 VM s of wind 2003 on it.. I want to install some softwares on the 3 VMs.. but not able to find a way to share the softwares with the vm from the base machine. tried to give an ip of same segment as the base machine, but its still showing crossed.

Am i missing something here ? Pleas help .. As the VM LAN is showing crossed. how do i actually enable it as it doesnt have a physical port.

P.S. Also some referene material for the same would be of great help as am totally new to this.


Yes, my network adapter is showing crossed, netword cable unplugged. Can you help me in rectifiiying this. I want it to access the base machine network.

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Have you created a virtual switch, and are your VM's set to use this? Sounds like you have no network connectivity from your VM's at all, which would prevent you accessing any remote machines.

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