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I have an application on tomcat on address http://myserver:8080, but I want it to be server on specific url, e.g. http://myserver/jira. So I want everything that starts with myserver/jira to be mapped to myserver:8080:

http://myserver/jira => http://myserver:8080

http://myserver/jira/Dashboard => http://myserver:8080/Dashboard

How can I do it?

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Do you already have apache listening on port 80? If not, you can just change tomcat's configuration in server.xml to change what port it listens on.

If you already have apache running, you'll need to use mod_proxy to proxy requests through to port 8080. Atlassian has lots of great documentation on how to dothis, but feel free to reply if you need more details.

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Use the Apache Tomcat connector to forward requests from httpd to Tomcat.

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