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I have my ubuntu machine at work and I'd like to use remote desktop to work from home. However the remote machine is on a behind a NAT router and not directly connected to the internet.

I am able to remotely connect through ssh to a server, from which I then ssh to my remote machine. This has been beneficial, however I am currently working on a GUI application so just the command line doesn't work so well. Any ideas?

I have tried using ssh with the -X flag on both sessions, but this doesn't work. I am trying to connect from Windows Vista through a Mac server (isn't it a great setup?).

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You say remote desktop and tag your question ubuntu-10.04. So I assume you are using VNC and the development machine is ubuntu.

On your Vista machine do the equivalent of ssh -L 5910:ubuntu_ip:5900 mac_ip (following those putty screenshots: hostname=mac_ip, source port=5910, destination=ubuntu_ip)

Point your VNC client to localhost:10

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Using your SSH server as a proxy would probably enable you to do what you're looking for:

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Run X server on your Windows Vista. Maybe cygwin X or xming will help. Then in the Linux machine do the following:

export DISPLAY=yourip:0.0

then do a

xhost +yourip

then do

yourguiapplication &

It will launch the GUI application, which will appear on your Windows desktop. For launching firefox on my Windows desktop from the Linux machine I would do the above line as follows:

$firefox &

Here is a sample of the above as in my desktop I would launch xming . Once it is in my windows desktop tray. I would launch putty and enable x11 forwarding check box on putty and launch the terminal. Then

export DISPLAY=
xhost +
firefox &

That's it.

You can see the gtk interfaced firefox in you Windows desktop. If you want to do remote desktop to a Linux machine try to read about xdcmp and it can done with xming or cygwin X.

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fast solution but insecure – shellholic Nov 23 '10 at 16:13
This won't work over internet and NAT cause you'll need your public IP and the you'll have to tell the router to forward to your destination machine. No? – IMTheNachoMan May 8 at 1:02

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